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Recovering your ON-HOLD suspect foreign material production: Laser Sorting vs X-Ray Technologies

In the production of food and produce, processors are exposed to the potential entrainment of foreign materials in their incoming supplies or possibly through their production processes. Although there are multiple technologies available for inspecting for foreign material contaminants in raw incoming ingredients or finished package foods, advances in both optical / laser sorting and […]

X-ray Inspection for Food Safety

Value is the lens through which success is seen and realized. As Warren Buffet puts it, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” As food and beverage companies plan for the future after a period of disruption, they are thinking about value amid a changed manufacturing environment. Already impacted by labor shortages, […]

Six Steps to Start Your 2022 Food Safety Compliance Checklist

What’s on your compliance checklist – or should be for 2022? Manufacturers can benefit from creating and following a guidepost to sign off on regulatory compliance, including but not limited to sanitation, critical control points, corrective and preventive actions, verification procedures, documentation procedures and training. Although there are many pressing issues in today’s marketplace that […]

Are You at Risk for a Food Recall?

Is your operation optimally reducing risks of physical contaminants that can lead to food safety-related incidents and recalls? Perhaps taking another point of view (POV) of your risks from end-to-end can give you an idea of the effectiveness of your current interventions. But there’s another kind of POV—points of vulnerability. Determining your points of vulnerability […]