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2024 Food Safety Summit: X-Ray Technology and Food & Beverage Safety Presentation + Q&A

Taken from the 2024 Food Safety Summit in Toronto Ontario, JP Perreault, President of Plan Automation and X-Ray Reclaim, gives a detailed presentation all about X-Ray Technology for Food & Beverage Processing Safety and dealing with Foreign Material Contamination.

Grocers and retailers across North America such as Costco and Trader Joe’s are beginning to require X-Ray Detection as the new standard for Food & Beverage Safety Validation, and X-Ray Technology is evolving faster than ever before. The Implementation of X-Ray Inspection Technology can result in less wasted product as X-Ray Reclaim prevent Millions of Kgs of Product from ending up in landfills.

X-Ray’s prove to be solutions to a serious industry-wide issues that are affecting our environment and society.

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