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X-Ray Reclaims At Our Facility

Our New Food Disposal And X-Ray Reclaim Facility Is Now Open!

15,000 sq. ft. X-Ray Reclaim Facility in Bolton, Ontario

Ship us your suspect products and we will inspect them for you at our new 15,000 sq ft location centrally located in Bolton, Ontario, just north of Toronto. Last year, we inspected over 2.5 million kilograms of product, valued at over $10 000 000, diverting waste from the landfill.

Plan Automation is now operating a 15,000 sq. ft. x-ray reclaim facility in Bolton, Ontario. With over 200 client food reclaim inspections performed for food and beverage, we are now offering the added convenience of having your suspect products controlled and inspected offsite with disposal services when necessary. This service reduces the cost for smaller reclaims as it eliminates equipment shipping costs and set-up costs.

Our Process

  • Ship us your suspect products to our Greater Toronto Area facility
  • We X-Ray, inspect and separate the good from the contaminated products
  • We prepare a detailed quality assurance report
  • Cleared production will be returned to you and contaminated packages can be destroyed and disposed
  • Provide a final inspection report which will include:
    • Inspection summary
    • Inspection details and X-Ray image of each individual products
    • Full statistical charts: Histograms, bar charts and timeline graphs
    • Full traceability down to an individual product

Why trust us for your food disposal and product reclaims?

  • Reclaim suspect products and avoid losses, and only dispose of contaminated products
  • Fast turnaround, we can process a full truckload in less than a day
  • 100% turnkey, we handle everything
  • In-debt traceability and statistical process controls

State of the Art Inspection Technology | Experienced Team | Product & Package Integrity | Unsurpassed Traceability

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