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Bakery & Snacks

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Enhancing Consumer Confidence

We excel at providing quality x-ray inspection systems for bakery. Our machines ensure product safety by detecting physical contaminants in food including glass, metal, stone, high density plastics, rubber and bone. Furthermore, foil and metalized film packaging, as well as changes in product temperature and moisture content, have no effect on the sensitivity of foreign body detection.

Not only can our x-rays guarantee baked goods are safe to eat, our systems also provide multiple inspection capabilities, a benefit to manufacturers to use as an effective tool for ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. By deploying an advanced inspection system, bakery producers can confirm that donuts and pies contain the correct amount of filling, identify if a roll is missing from a pack, reject broken biscuits on the line and an x-ray inspection of bread loaves can detect voids and confirm package integrity.


Our on-site x-ray machines simultaneously provide enhanced contaminant detection and additional integrity checks like mass measurement (overall weight or individual items within a package) and component counts to identify missing or broken snack items.

Whether inspecting raw materials or the finished packaged product, you’ll see that we have an x-ray inspection solution for every snack food to help processors provide high quality, contaminant-free products while saving money with the lowest total cost.

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