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Plan Automation X-Ray Reclaim


At OUR Facility

Turnkey inspection for foreign matter in your product is offered off-site at Our Facility. Our X-ray inspection  services provide clients the ease and simplicity of sending their finished goods to our secure location in Bolton, ON (just north of Toronto Pearson International Airport). Our internal Reclaim and Recovery Experts fully execute the inspection through either the use of state-of-the-art X-ray or Metal Detection technology.

At YOUR Facility

Our food safety management team and their expertise are mobile. Our same inspection systems (x-rays/metal detectors), can be brought to your site and reclaim and recovery inspection can happen within your building. From a couple of days to months at time, food inspection can be put in place off-line in your operation.

Leading The Food Safety and Inspection Industry for Consumer Confidence

Inspect, Reclaim and Certify Your Product

Our Reclaim and Recovery Inspection specialist will contact you for a thorough evaluation of your situation, execute in-depth product testing to assure detection and create a custom food inspection and reclaim plan compliant with your food safety management program (i.e. HACCP, BRC, GFSI, etc.).

Inspected over $50 MILLION worth of product in 2022

If You Can Make It, We Can Scan It!

Industries & Package Types We Support

food inspection
food inspection
food inspection

Packing Types We Support

Bottles & Cans
Pouches & Foil Pouches
Shipper Cases
Large Bulk Bags

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    2.5 million kg of product diverted from the landfill annually