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Xray Inspect and Recover at Your Facility

With Our Mobile Services

Inspection Services Delivered To You

Our Reclaim and Recovery Team and Their Expertise are Mobile

Our same inspection systems (xrays/metal detectors), can be brought to your site and reclaim and recovery inspection can happen within your building. From a couple of days to months at time, inspection can be put in place off-line in your operation.

Clients that prefer to inspect in their own facilities can do so and have the following options:

  1. Technology & Support
    • Inspection system delivered, installed and setup for your specific application and client’s operators and staff trained.
    • Technical support maintained at your site for inspection device proper performance
    • Client performs operates the inspection line with our technical assistance as needed
  2. Full-Service
    • Based on your pre-defined inspection needs, all services and personnel to execute the full reclaim effort are provided
    • Inspection system delivered, installed and setup for your specific application
    • Reclaim and recovery inspection performed and inspection, statical process control and tracebility reports produced

Our inspection services are capable of inspecting and reclaim for a large variety of packaging types from single primary packages to finished cases.

Industries & Segments Served

Industry Category

X-Ray Inspection Rentals

Packaging Types

  • flow wrap, stand-up pouches, pillow/flat pouches, large bladders, large bags
  • spiral wound containers
  • eps shrink trays
  • clamshells
  • cartons
  • bottles
  • tubs
  • cans
  • thermoform / premade containers
  • trays
  • cases
  • viales
  • syringes

If your package type or industry isn’t listed, contact an expert – Casey Toothman @ 519-943-2800

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