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Improving Food Safety and Sustainability with X-Ray Inspection and Recovery

December 20, 2023June 7, 2024No comments

In the food industry, product recovery is the process of reclaiming products that may otherwise be lost or discarded during the manufacturing process due to foreign body contamination. This is a cost-saving measure that also significantly reduces waste, contributing to more sustainable production practices. As companies have become increasingly aware of the economic and environmental impacts of waste, innovative recovery technologies are now the preferred choices for producers, packagers, and other companies in the food industry. Here’s what you should know about improving food safety and sustainability with X-ray food inspection and recovery / re-work services.


Benefits of Product Recovery for Food Manufacturers

For food manufacturers, the benefits of product recovery are twofold: cost efficiency and sustainability. By recapturing valuable products from the production line, manufacturers can reduce raw material costs and make the most of their resources. This efficiency also translates to a smaller environmental footprint, as less waste means a reduction in the disposal costs and the conservation of natural resources.


How X-ray Systems Work to Detect Foreign Bodies in Food Products

X-ray systems detect foreign bodies by passing X-rays through food products and capturing the resulting image. Different materials absorb X-rays at different levels, allowing the system to distinguish between the product and foreign bodies based on density differences. This technology is adept at identifying metals (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel including small shavings), glass, stone, bones (beef, pork, chicken and turkey), dense or inorganic plastics / rubber within food products.


Benefits of X-ray Inspection Systems

The main advantage of X-ray inspection systems is in their enhanced ability to detect and identify various foreign bodies. Unlike traditional methods, X-rays can identify materials that are the same color or shape as the food product, offering a more rigorous check. Moreover, these systems can simultaneously perform other quality checks, such as measuring mass, identifying missing or broken components, and checking for packaging defects.


X-ray Inspection Systems vs. Other Inspection Methods

When compared to other inspection methods like metal detectors, X-ray systems offer broader detection capabilities. Metal detectors, for instance, are limited to detecting metallic foreign bodies and can miss non-metallic foreign bodies. X-ray systems, on the other hand, can identify a wide range of foreign bodies, including some plastics and other materials that metal detectors may not sense.


Contact Xray Reclaim for X-ray Food Inspection and Recovery Services

For businesses that want to incorporate these advanced product recovery and inspection technologies, Xray Reclaim offers professional X-ray food inspection and recovery services. Leveraging cutting-edge X-ray systems and a wealth of experience in product recovery operations, Xray Reclaim is positioned to help manufacturers enhance their quality assurance processes and embrace sustainability in their production practices. Contact us to learn more about our X-ray food inspection and recovery services.

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