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Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, finding the proverbial needle in a haystack is no longer the lost cause it used to be in fast-running food and beverage manufacturing facilities with zero tolerance for product contamination.

For those that can afford it, today’s X-Ray product inspection systems offer a formidable line of defence against a broad range of common contaminants like metal, glass, plastic, calcified bone, stone and other debris generated at various steps of the manufacturing process.

But for many businesses with limited budgets and insufficient floorspace to accommodate permanent installation of fully-integrated inline X-Ray inspection capabilities, X-Ray technology is often considered to be an unaffordable luxury, at least compared to conventional metal detectors.

To address this inconvenient reality, leading Canadian packaging automation specialists PLAN Automation has launched a new service to provide food companies with off-site third-party X-Ray inspection of products deemed to be at risk of contamination but, for vari- ous reasons, can’t be reworked or re-inspected again more thoroughly at the point of origin.

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