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Packaged Goods

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Plan Automation excels at packaged goods x-ray inspection with our advanced technology that detects physical contaminants in a wide range of fresh, frozen and ambient prepared food. Our systems can identify glass, metal, stone, bone and some plastic and rubber irrespective of the foreign body’s size, shape or location.

Our x-rays perform multiple quality checks simultaneously, like confirming proper portioning in a multi-compartment ready meal, detecting contaminants in a metalized bag of quinoa, measuring the mass of a soup can, and inspecting the seal of a packaged salad bag.

For package inspection, in addition to unrivalled contaminant detection, our systems can also perform simultaneous mass measurement and component count on a variety of package types and sizes. With Plan Automation x-ray food inspection equipment, packaged goods manufacturers benefit from product optimization and compliance with national and international food regulations (BRCGS, IFS, GFSI etc.), all while ensuring their customers receive the highest quality products.

packaged goods

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