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What We Offer

Over a Decade of Successful

Inspection and Product Reclaim


Inspecting your product you need ‘the right Tools for the right Job’.  All x-rays and metal detectors are not created equal.  At Plan Automation we operate exclusively using industry leading technology for highest detection sensitivity.  Whether it’s glass, bones, plastics or metal shavings, we have the necessary inspection solution to achieve the detection that you need in your foreign material suspect goods. All our solutions are fully automated, machine intelligence discrimination and not operated by personnel required to be attentive to change screen for detection.

Eagle 400HC (Highly Cleanable) with PXT (Performance X-ray Technology)

  • Advanced material discrimination, allows for identification of foreign bodies such as inorganic plastics, rubbers and bones previously deemed undetectable by x-ray
  • Engineered for IP69 environment that allows for daily, intensive high temperature, high pressure wash down and sanitation

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Fortress Phantom Metal Detector

  • The highest quality metal detectors available on today’s market.
  • Core DSP – provides unparalleled accuracy, Auto Test – self diagnostic save cost of manual training, and Auto Cal – instant system set-up at the touch of a button

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Plan Automation employs 8 full time x-ray and metal detector highly trained operator-service technicians.  This team managed by Casey Toothman Director of Reclaim Inspection Services is involved from the first application meeting and then are directly involved in the inspection device xray or metal detector setup. Plan Automation has been working with Eagle X-ray solutions for over 12 years and now have nearly 500 machines installed across Canada.  We lead the Canadian market in x-ray inspection knowledge.

  • Over a decade working with high value gamma and x-ray technologies in security and product inspection industries.
  • 5 Years working with Eagle PI EMEA service and sales departments, developing first ever comprehensive inhouse and customer facing training platforms and materials.
  • Joined Plan Automation X-ray in late 2021 as Coordination Officer of Reclaims Services.

 Casey Toothman 

X-Ray Reclaim


Why have your product inspected by a third party if it’s going to be damaged or the packaging compromised? We work extensively with our clients prior to any reclaim to understand how best to handle every product to ensure neither merchandise nor packaging is damaged at any step during the reclaim process. We have a vast amount of experience working with a multitude of package types so no matter if your product is heavy, frozen, in bags, or susceptible to damage we will have a handling solution to fit the application.

Often we receive damaged product or product with missing pieces and we are able to intercept and redirect it back to you before it reaches its final location, saving you time and money in costly returns and complaints.


As part of our reclaim inspection service, all products inspected can be supported with our standard traceability program.  Tracebility is provided through Eagle TraceServer software that records valuable production inspection program data (reject and event logs, weight reports, etc. including graphical representations).  Documentation on product control from source of origin, through our facility and return are part of our standard process.  This compiled information and inspection report is provided to clients via secure server or usb drive.  This includes all x-ray images of inspected ‘good’ product as well as identified and isolated rejected ‘bad’ product (foreign material detected).

PLAN will challenge your food safety program! Contact 1-844-XRAY-911 (1-844-972-9911)

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