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  • CA Office: 5 Loring Drive Bolton, ON L7E 1Y1 | US Office: Chino, California | +1-844-972-9911

Our Company

Over a Decade of Successful

Inspection and Product Reclaim

Plan Automation open its doors in 2009 and assumed responsibility for Eagle PI X-ray sales and technical support. Mat Bedard and JP Perreault as co-founders from the onset recognized a strong need for x-ray rental and product inspection services.

Through our history Plan Automation X-ray Reclaim Services have provided a valuable tool to food processors helping them clear suspect production, divert goods from the landfill and save their companies time and money.

Today now operating from a 15,000 sq.ft. facility in Bolton, ON, Plan x-ray reclaim team bring both on-site and off-site turnkey services to some of Canada’s most well-known food processors.

Quick Turnaround for Your Goods

With a dedicated team of x-ray reclaim quality assurance, technicians and staff, Plan offers quick response to solve your foreign material concerns.  With a dedicated facility, services are provided efficiently with professional results to deliver a smooth experience in having your product inspected and returned to your site within few hours or days.

Best Industry X-Ray Technology

Partnered with Eagle PI X-Ray as the industry leading technology x-ray provider, Plan is able to offer inspection of a multitude of foreign bodies such as:

  • Metal (down to 0.2mm)
  • Glass particles
  • Stone & Bone
  • Plastic & Rubber
  • Product defects, including product clumps, container defects, missing components, incorrect weight, incorrect level fill, etc.

With our patented Eagle Traceability program and reporting, your inspection will allow you to support claims against vendors and put programs in place to avoid problems from re-occurring.

Our Portfolio of Solutions

Plan Automation Reclaim Services Provide:

PLAN will challenge your food safety program! Contact 1-844-XRAY-911 (1-844-972-9911)