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Food Safety, Product X-Ray Inspection & Recovery Services

Mobile or Offsite

3rd Party Food Safety Inspection & Product Recovery

Plan X-ray Reclaim is a 3rd party service provider for inspection and recovery of finished food products where foreign material contamination is suspected.

Food Safety Program Deviation – Using Our X-ray Food Safety and Inspection and Recovery Services

Submit – Provide your sample packages and suspect contaminate examples for analysis

Inspection & Recovery – Finished goods shipped to our facility for food safety inspection or mobile services dispatched

Return – Contaminated product isolated and good product returned with full report

Detail Documentation

  • Inspection Conformity Certificate (ICC)
  • CCPI: Temperature thresholds
  • CCP2: Validation & Verifications
  • Final Reclaim Report
  • Images produced by X-ray of each product inspected
  • Pallet placard images
  • Full repository or library of X-ray events
  • Original X-ray algorithm setup for the specific product(s)
  • X-ray calibration logs and images

Recover Your Products

Plan Reclaim has been providing inspection & recovery services for food processing clients for over 10 years.

We utilize industry’s most advanced metal detection and food X-ray inspection technology to inspect finished package products for quality and foreign material contaminates that include:

  • bones, stones, glass, aluminium, rubbers, plastics and standard contaminates

Food Inspection-Recovery services can be achieved by handling:

  • full-case
  • individual package or
  • raw product

Services for food packaging quality control are available off-site or mobile (at client’s site)

Why Plan Ahead of Time?

When program deviations occur having an established inspection & recovery partner qualified ahead of time is essential. Before you have a problem, please contact X-ray Reclaim to schedule an on-line consultation or facility visit. In preparing in advance, we’ll review our complete food safety inspection procedures, testing methods and reporting with your Quality Assurance teams. This not only provides an opportunity to validate our X-ray food inspection services, but also establish pricing expectations for costs of inspection and product recovery.

Your Discovery Meeting will include:

  • Product matrix review
  • Site inspection (tour our facility and meet the personnel)
  • Shipping and receiving procedures
  • Full product handling, inspection and testing procedure and documentation review
  • Food X-Ray inspection technology education
  • Product testing (upon request, inspection testing report for specific products and concerns)
  • Pre-issue pricing guide

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