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Process Validation Program

Challenge and Validate Your Food Safety Program

3rd Party X-Ray Inspection

Food & beverage processors operate under strict food safety program measures using metal detectors and other in-line inspection devices.


Typically until there’s a consumer reported incident, there simply isn’t any full assurance that your food safety program is working. Using metal detection or first generation x-rays isnt a guarantee that youre not introducing foreign material contaminates in your product. PPV challenges your existing process and provides highest level assurances.

Production Process Validation is a quick way to test your program by having your sample finished goods inspected using state-of-the- art PXT X-Ray technology.

PPV clients provide random finished goods production to Plan X-Ray Reclaim for (most advanced) PXT X-Ray inspection. Products are inspected in package and returned to clients with an analytical report.

The Value of Knowledge

Supplying a statistically representative sample of your finished good for PXT Xray inspection provides:

  • increased assurance that your current food safety program is effective
  • Or, when foreign material contaminates are detected, valuable information of existing program issues in your process and identification of threats to your business.

* pricing based on inspection of 10-12 sample pallets of finished goods per month (unique one-time inspection reports available)

  • Ship your product to Plan Automation’s dedicated Process Validation facility in Bolton Ontario, just outside of Toronto
  • Our highly trained and professional team will inspect your product using industry leading, state of the art x-ray inspection technology, in a method that will always ensure the integrity of your product and packaging is never compromised
  • In the event a foreign body is identified that product will be separated, labeled, and returned to your company accompanied with our market leading validation traceability control forms so your team can accurately identify and address internal measures

Upon completion of the PVP, Plan will supply you with our Statistical Process Control (SPC) Documentation that will supply you with the data needed to challenge your in-house food safety program and make sure it is operating at 100% proficiency

  • True process improvement is never a single one-off occurrence, to make sure your food safety program is as effective as possible it should be challenged by a third party on a regular basis
  • By setting up a quarterly PVP standing order with Plan Automation, you continuously assess your current food safety model and adjust your internal control methods as needed

PPV program pricing $5,000 – $7,000 per month*

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