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X-ray Inspection for Food Safety

Value is the lens through which success is seen and realized. As Warren Buffet puts it, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

As food and beverage companies plan for the future after a period of disruption, they are thinking about value amid a changed manufacturing environment. Already impacted by labor shortages, COVID-related work stoppages and the switch to new products and new customers, manufacturers are now facing a market with higher consumer prices and economic uncertainty.

Volatile times can be tempered with systems that deliver value. X-ray is a particularly valuable technology that enables manufacturers to meet change-related challenges through automated, streamlined processes and effective operations.

Why is x-ray technology such a valuable tool? How does it help your food safety and quality assurance programs while also boosting Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)?

Reliability and robustness for greater ROI: Eagle x-ray systems are automated machines that are built for high performance, from start to finish. In addition to robust construction – including for harsh settings like dairy and meat plants – today’s inspection systems feature advanced software and sophisticated detector technologies for reliable contaminant detection. The newly introduced Eagle PXT™, for example, is breakthrough detector technology that provides much more detailed data about products being inspected than has previously been possible, leading to significantly lower false reject rates and greatly improved detection accuracy. For instance, in poultry applications, bone fragments down to 1 mm can be discovered when using x-ray machines equipped with PXT™.

To extend value, our customers often take advantage of a full range of testing and service plans that maximize the uptime of their x-ray systems. Performance validation reports, daily routine checks and annual preventive maintenance performance validation will help ensure that x-ray machines have a consistent, reliable probability of detection over the long life of a machine.

Speed and productivity that keep up with manufacturing demand: Advanced inspection systems have been engineered with manufacturing needs and speeds in mind. X-ray inspection systems’ high throughput functionality, even in lines with multiple products and package types, keep things moving automatically, alleviating labor challenges and keeping pace with production goals. That’s essential for manufacturers who are keeping up with demand and trying to tap into new opportunities on many fronts across their business.

Improved quality in tandem with food safety: By adding x-ray inspection technologies that conduct both key safety and quality checks at multiple points on the line, food and beverage companies get more value out of one machine. Without compromising high line speeds, x-ray systems can simultaneously in a single pass check fill levels, measure mass, detect product or contaminants trapped in seals and count components. The result: safer products that meet quality standards with fewer rejects.

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